Martin Roberts

Design and Art Direction

Beginner dad. Mid-weight husband. Expert cappuccino drinker. Mostly hunched (over a Mac). Head of Design at Flume.

I produce creative work that helps audiences relate to your business. I do this through engaging design and informed art direction. With over a decade of experience, my portfolio extends between social media campaigns, web/mobile design, brand identities, illustration and motion graphics.


As Head of Design at Flume, I work on brands and for people from Club Med, Canon, Old Mutual, Nedbank, Sage, Cisco, Discovery Life, Adidas, and a host of other ad-hoc client work – along with the overall Flume brand.


I take on (very) select projects in my personal capacity, and sometimes share these on Dribbble or Instagram - with an overview below. Want to say hi? Email me or follow me on Twitter.

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